Elli Kokkinou joined Natasha Theodoridou on stage! The “fire” lines and the song that Natasha is jealous of!

Elli Kokkinou has been added to the very long list of artists who have chosen this year’s top Greek singer Natasha Theodoridou for their entertainment!

The beloved singer was on Friday night at Akti Piraeos, which once again was sold out and… had lots of fun with Natasha Theodoridou.

Of course, the hostess asked her to come on stage, with Elli Kokkinou accepting
saying that she came “to her big crush” Natasha Theodoridou!
Then followed a dialogue which we never heard and Natasha Theodoridou whispering something in Elli Kokkinou’s ear and explaining that… “no I can’t say it”.
Immediately afterwards, the two beloved performers gave a 10-minute show *with songs and banter* for… the eyes of those who were lucky enough to be at the packed Piraeus Coast.

Indeed, Natasha Theodoridou revealed which song by Elli Kokkinou has envy and would like to have sung by her!

The parties at Akti Pireos continue every Friday and Saturday with Natasha Theodoridou, alongside Giorgos Kakosaio and Alcatrash waiting for us… early, at 22:30, and promising us unforgettable nights, with many surprises and glamorous

Watch the video here:

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