Greek Taverns – Athens

Ammos Live

Ammos Live is an authentic Greek tavern that prides itself on its rich cuisine and combined with live music creates a mosaic of rich flavors and sounds that will accompany you on every visit.

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The tavern "Strofili" in Athens is a destination that combines tradition and taste with the modern air of the city. With its hospitable atmosphere and extremely helpful staff, the dining experience at the tavern "Strofili" is always a treat for the senses and the soul.

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Peran's music scene hosts remarkable artists who preserve the musical heritage of Constantinople - a musical heritage with influences from all over the Mediterranean, the East and Europe, but... isn't that what Constantinople cuisine, the culinary fusion of East and West, is all about?

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Pame Psirri

In the neighborhood of Psirri, in the center of Athens, you will find the picturesque tavern "Pame Psirri", the little brother of "Stou Korre", offering evenings with live music and food from the Greek cuisine.

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Vyronos Politia

Vyronos Politia is a fun destination for all days of the year! The excellent quality spirits served at Vyronos Politia are always accompanied by well-made appetizers cooked with passion and excellent ingredients!

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The renewed and more subversive Music Tavern "To Kantaraki" in the area of Lykovrisi is now an institution and welcomes you for a wonderful season. The combination of a great team and great cuisine are the main reasons for its success.

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