The Athens Riviera: Piraeus – Kastela – Lake Vouliagmeni – Cape Sounio

The coastal area of Athens is breathtaking with its beauty! Don’t miss the opportunity for a day trip to the south of Athens.

A guided day trip from the port of Piraeus along the Athens coastline, stopping at the lake Vouliagmeni and from there to one of the most beautiful sights in the Athens area – Cape Sounio. Meal at a local tavern in Sounio with meze (Greek appetizers) and ouzo!

Port of Piraeus
The port of Piraeus is the largest port in Greece, the departure destination for most of the Greek islands. It is located on the shores of the Mediterranean and is ninth in size in Europe. The port is an important archaeological site and throughout its history it has been an essential and important part of the history of Athens and Greece in general, strategically and economically. Huge budgets have recently been approved for the development of the port of Piraeus, in order to develop the area economically and culturally.

The Kastela neighborhood, built on a hill, is undoubtedly the most picturesque district of Piraeus, full of neoclassical mansions, close to the charming Mikrolimano, known for its excellent fish taverns. Kastela, formerly known as “Munichia”, earned its modern name thanks to its military history, as the hill was home to one of the generals in the Greek War of Independence.

Lake Vouliagmeni
Lake Vouliagmeni, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, is a hidden treasure of the nature of the province of Attica, located just a few kilometers from the city center. The assumption is that a huge volume of hot water flows inside the cave, so the water temperature is between 22-29 degrees all year round. The lake and hot springs offer a natural and unique thermal spa experience while swimming in the lake is a holistic experience, stimulating the body’s energy and contributing to internal and external balance. The area around the lake is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. The lake also provides lifeguard and medical services, parking, playground, Wi-Fi, lockers, changing rooms, showers and access for people with disabilities.

Cape Sounio
Cape Sounio is a cape at the southern tip of the Attica peninsula, in Greece. Sounio was the southernmost municipality of Attica after its division into territorial units and the reorganization of its citizens by Cleisthenes. The Temple of Poseidon, whose monuments stand on the top of the promontory near the water’s edge, was built around 440 BC on the ruins of an earlier temple. The cape is mainly famous for the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon, god of the sea in Greek mythology, which rises above the edge of the cliff.

Important tips:
*The trip is only a day trip and is not a guided tour. You can be accompanied by a tour guide for an additional fee.
*If you want to swim in Lake Vouliagmeni, you should take into account that you will only be able to reach Sounio by a 9-10 hour journey (at an additional cost to the driver).
*Tickets to the lake are the responsibility of the person booking the trip and are not included in the package.
*The route will be determined according to your requirements and time limits by prior arrangement.

Prices (minimum of nine people):
8-11 people | 45 euros per person
12-30 people | 40 euros per person
31 people and over | 30 euros per person

Reservation phone number for Greece: 211-8508005 for Cyprus: 22008326

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