Nikos Moraitis: “magical” moments at his sold out concerts

Through two “magical” concerts, with great performers, attended by over 6,000 spectators at the “Christmas Theater”, the songs of Nikos Moraitis, the lyricist with the most hits of our time and the most multidimensional presence in the field of Greek song in the last 25 years, were presented.

Dimitra Galani, Glykeria, Stathis Drakos, Kostas Makedonas, Rena Morfi, Giota Nega, Maria Papageorgiou, Miltos Paschalidis, Antonis Remos and Michalis Hatzigiannis were the artists who took to the stage and gave voice to the lyrics of Nikos Moraitis. But also out of the program George Karadimos, Nikos Mertzanos and the newcomer Dimitris Tsiakanakas.

Ta Chartina“, “Heria Psila“, “Den Eho Polla“, “Spasmena Kommatia Tis Kardias”, “Kai Pali Paidi”, “Poses Hiliades Kalokairia”, “Kati Ellades”, “Ekato Fores Kommatia“, “Antikrista“, “Den Fevgo”, “Ta Savvata”, “Den Milo Gia Mia Nichta Ego”, “Antitheta Pia“, were some of the songs that were played, songs that have conquered the hearts of the world. Among the great surprises was Antonis Remos in the song “O Angelos Mou“, Miltos Paschalidis in “Svise To Feggari”, Glykeria in “Ena Tsigaro Diadromi” and Giota Nega in “Ena Fili” by Harris Alexiou.

Apart from solo performances, the artists “talked” to each other through duets, in which different musical worlds were brought together. A special moment was when Antonis Remos and Miltos Paschalidis sang “Mporei Na Vgo” together, through the uplifting sound of the orchestra with arrangements by Yannis Diskos.

The curtain fell with Nikos Moraitis on stage and all the artists together performing “Svise To Feggari. Dimitris Mitropanos’ voice was suddenly heard through the speakers and spread emotion through the packed venue, with the audience giving a standing ovation.

The concerts, which were performed under the artistic supervision of Michalis Koumpios, were recorded and will be released by Panik Oxygen.

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