Konstantinos Argyros – «Diamond Tour»

Konstantinos Argyros leads us this summer on the most epic music journey, through his tour, “Diamond Tour By Coca-Cola“, in stadiums and big theaters in Greece and Cyprus!

The “Diamond Tour by Coca-Cola“, a high-profile production by Panik Live, with the support of Coca-Cola, culminates another exciting year for Konstantinos Argyros, who, among other things, achieved diamond sales for album “22“, released by Panik Platinum.

The artist – a phenomenon with consecutive no1 hits that “enchant” the hearts of the world and conquer first places in digital streams, radio airplay and YouTube-, will offer another exciting live experience, full of music and emotions.

A companion on the journey is Coca-Cola, which invites us to experience an unforgettable musical summer. For Coca-Cola, music is an inspiration for creating unique experiences that excite and bring people closer through exciting musical moments.

With his music, his beloved voice and his inexhaustible energy as his “vehicles”, Konstantinos Argyros travels from June to September in cities of Greece and Cyprus, offering unique emotions, in one tour… diamond!

Joined by: Sicario
Special guests: Light, Rack

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