Josephine – «Ta Kala Koritsia» on tour: «magical» tour in Greece and abroad!

The “explosive” Josephine continues her summer musical journey in Greece and abroad, after a very constructive season for her.

Highly successful performances, collaborations, a new album and consecutive hits were the “carpet” for the fantastic tour, which started in May and will end in November in Australia.

A few days ago, the sought-after hit performer completed her sold out performances in America, alongside Antonis Remos, and now she is ready to take us to many more stations in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Australia!

With her are Phidias and Sotiris.

Tour stops:
24/5 Montreal
5/25 Florida
5/31 Toronto
1/6 New York
2/6 Boston
7/6 Chicago
8/6 Los Angeles
28/6 Patras
29/6 Athens
6/7 Xanthi
12/7 Crete
19/7 Oropos
20/7 Cyprus
24/7 Xylokastro
7/27 Drama
28/7 Catherine
3/8 Eretria
13/8 Parga
23/8 Kythnos
24/8 Private
9/9 Italy
12/9 Heraklion, Crete
2/10 Germany
4/10 Cyprus
12/10 Lavrio
15-23/11 Australia tour (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Darwin)

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