The happiest tavern in Athens awaits you every weekend with the best singers.

Days and hours of operation: Friday and Saturday from 14:00 to 18:30

Prices: 35€ per person (full meal with drink included),

Adress: 63 Mitropoleos street, Monastiraki, Athens

Booking phone for Greece: 211-8508005 for Cyprus: 22008326

Photo credit: Bairaktaris

A special benefit for those who book in advance: up to 20% discount in various hotels, shuttles from the airport to the hotel and back, day trips and shopping at the Athens outlet. Requirement: reservation of 4 people or more.


Salads (for 4 people)

Greek salad or salad mix

First course (for 4 people)
feta (goat, lamb), potatoes, tzatziki, eggplant mixture, hot pepper and fried zucchini

Choice of main course

Lamb chops
Fresh fish
Chicken souvlaki (kebab)
Kebab (beef + lamb)
Hamburger (beef + lamb)
“Briam” Mixed vegetables in tomato sauce
Neapolitan oven

Desserts to choose from

Greek yogurt with honey
Seasonal fruits


A liter of wine for 4 people or a soft drink or personal beer.
Extra (not included in the menu price)
Glass of Gargus – €15
Glass of Belvedere – €15
Glass of Black Johnny – €15
Glass of simple drink – €8
200 ml Ouzo Plumeri – €12
Bottle of Gargus – €150
Bottle of Belvedere – €150
Bottle of black johnny – €120
500 ml of beer – €5
Bottle of wine 750 ml – €19
Glass of wine – €5
330 ml refreshing mint – €3
Glass of juice – €3

*The above menu has special prices because it includes a live show and is intended for the interior of the tavern where the show is taking place and for the customers who are there.

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