Athens Swimming Cruise

Athens Day Cruise Group, with years of experience in the field of maritime tourism, joyfully and proudly presents you the long-anticipated program “Athens Swimming Cruise”.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of services, therefore our ships are fully equipped with all modern conveniences. Our fully equipped cruise ship, with its hospitable crew, will offer you the best moments of relaxation and enjoyment of the sea. Whether you desire to indulge in the blue of the sea and swim in crystal-clear waters or simply relax on the comfortable deck of our ship, Athens Swimming Cruise is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones.

We sail at 9:45 to enchanting beaches in Agistri, Metopi, and Perdika, offering you the opportunity to discover the unexplored beauty of Moni and take endless dives into the crystal-clear waters of the Saronic Gulf.

During the cruise, we offer a Mediterranean and healthy buffet, accompanied by selected wine, refreshing beverages, and aromatic filter coffee. Upon your return, you will discover the Athenian Riviera, enjoying the mesmerizing sunset accompanied by the unique sounds of our live DJ on board, creating unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

By choosing Athens Swimming Cruise, you opt to experience a unique journey that will accompany you forever in your memories! The cruise price is only 95 euros and includes the midday buffet, wine, refreshments, and aromatic filter coffee.

We are ready to take your reservations, and we are confident that your clients will have an unforgettable experience!

Feel free to contact us for more information and to book your spot. We look forward to welcoming you with joy aboard the Athens Swimming Cruise!


  • Lunch buffet with Mediterranean cuisine
  • Unlimited wine, refreshments, filter coffee
  • Live DJ on board
  • Available deck with sun loungers and beanbags
  • Multilingual guide
  • Onboard shop
  • Two fully equipped bars
  • Transportation option available


Crystal Clear Waters: Dip into the mesmerizing turquoise waters of Agistri Beach and discover a world of underwater wonders. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a beginner, explore the vibrant marine life and fascinating underwater ecosystem that thrives just beneath the surface. Dive into a realm of beauty and tranquility that will leave you breathless.


Metopi Island is an uninhabited paradise in the Saronic Gulf, accessible only by boat. With its white sandy beach, turquoise shallow waters, and vineyards, it offers a tranquil natural oasis. The island is famous as a common stop for sea turtles, making it a must-visit for nature lovers and photographers. Escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Metopi Island.


Discover the enchanting beauty of Perdika, a traditional fishing village south of Aegina. Feast your eyes on breathtaking scenery, wander charming streets, and indulge in mouthwatering Greek cuisine. Take a boat excursion to nearby Moni Island for secluded beaches and encounters with wildlife. Unwind by the waterfront and immerse yourself in tranquility. Experience the captivating allure of Perdika on your memorable visit.

Moni (optional)

Experience the untouched paradise of Moni Island, a pristine haven of natural beauty. Encounter free-roaming wildlife, explore secluded beaches, and embark on scenic hiking trails. Discover the magic of this tranquil oasis and create unforgettable memories. Moni Island awaits, offering an extraordinary escape into nature’s embrace.

Athenian Riviera

Indulge in an unforgettable experience aboard on our luxury cruise ship along the Athenian Riviera at sunset, where the ambiance comes alive with the beats of a vibrant DJ and the clinks of crafted cocktails. Dance beneath the golden sky, sip on exquisite libations, and witness the breathtaking coastline transform into a paradise of fun and entertainment, creating the perfect fusion of relaxation and exhilaration.

Cruise Highlights

Exquisite Swimming Stops:

Dive into a world of aquatic bliss as you explore the most popular beaches dotting the Saronic Gulf. Immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of Agistri, Metopi, Perdika, Moni (optional), where pristine sandy shores and picturesque coves await. Whether you seek vibrant energy or secluded serenity, each stop offers a unique ambiance that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and captivated.

Delectable Buffet Lunch & Refreshing Drinks:

Indulge in a sumptuous feast for the senses with a delectable buffet lunch served right on the boat. Savor the authentic flavors of Greece as you delve into a variety of mouthwatering Greek dishes, showcasing the freshest ingredients and traditional culinary expertise. Treat your taste buds to a gastronomic journey that will transport you to the heart of Greek cuisine. Enjoy a chilled glass of local wine, and refreshing soft drinks. Furthermore, Unleash Your Desires, Spoil Your Senses: Indulge in a Wide Selection of Exquisite, from on board menu.

Relaxation Personified:

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and surrender to a day of pure relaxation. Let the gentle sea breeze caress your skin as you lounge on the spacious deck, taking in the breathtaking coastal vistas that unfold before your eyes. Feel your worries melt away as you bask in the warm Mediterranean sun, creating moments of blissful tranquility that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Prepare for a day filled with captivating swimming experiences, culinary delights, and serene relaxation as you embark on an unforgettable day trip through the Saronic Gulf. Let the beauty of the islands, the flavors of Greece, and the soothing rhythm of the sea create lasting memories that will leave you longing for more. Unwind, indulge, and immerse yourself in the ultimate escape, where every moment is tailored to fulfill your desire for an idyllic island getaway.


Cruise Travel Dates: DAILY


Departure ports: Flisvos Marina (next to Averof Museum)

Embarkation Time: 8:45 – 9:40 a.m.

Departure Time: 9:45 a.m.

Return time: 6:40 p.m.

Ports of Call

AGISTRI: 2 hours stay.

METOPI: 20 min stay.

PERDIKA: 2 hours stay. (Optional visit to Moni)

ATHENIAN RIVIERA: 2 hours & 25 minutes cruise

Cruise Ticket Includes

  • Visit four beautiful islands of Saronic Gulf (Agistri, Metopi, Perdika, Moni (optional))
  • Lunch Buffet on board
  • Live DJ set on board for entertainment
  • Refreshments, wine, filtered coffee
  • Multilingual guide


– A 100% refund or conversion to an open ticket available at any date till the end of the year, is valid for cancellations up to 30 days prior to departure. – 25% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 16-29 days prior to departure. – 50% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 8-15 days prior to departure. – 75% of the total reservation price is charged for cancellations between 6-7 days prior to departure. – There are no refunds for cancellations up to 6 days till the departure day.

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