DON BLUE – a luxury yachting experience on the Athenian Riviera and the island of Aegina

DON BLUE, the famous sailing company, invites you for day trips on a beautiful yacht around the Athenian Riviera and the island of Aegina!

Athenian Riviera Yacht Cruise:

If you are looking for a unique, unforgettable and spectacular experience, we invite you on a dream cruise on the Athenian Riviera among the golden sands!
The cruise starts from the northern part of the Athenian Riviera and goes all the way to the south, where along the way you can enjoy the magnificent view of the beaches that fill the Riviera and the clear turquoise waters.

Cape Sounio:

From there the yacht will sail to Cape Sounio, home to one of the most impressive temples in Greece – the Temple of Poseidon! The temple stands firmly on the rocks that make up Cape Sounio and is a great vantage point from which you can view the landscapes that surround you. The yacht will dock at the stop closest to the temple, so an easy 5-10 minute walk will get you to the top!
Departing from Cape Sounio, the yacht will sail north towards the Athenian Riviera and allow you to choose stopping points where you can enjoy swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and even spend time in various restaurants, bars and cafes in the area.

The islands of Fleves and Arsida:

The uninhabited islands of Fleves and Arsida offer beaches only accessible by boat, so you’ll have the chance to relax from secluded beaches that are ideal for swimming in the area. Under the hot sun enjoy refreshments, snacks and fresh fruit included in the package.

Yacht cruise on the island of Aegina:

The island of Aegina is one of the most common islands for day trips from Athens, also known as “the island of peanuts” – the most famous product of the place! When you anchor in the port of Aegina, you can immediately be impressed by the neoclassical architecture of the local houses while walking through the picturesque alleys. It is highly recommended to browse the city center and enjoy the variety of pistachio products of the island, starting from liqueurs, sweet and savory snacks and many tasty surprises!

Hiking in Aegina:

A short stop to get an impression of the beauty of the center of the island of Aegina, in the colorful alleys smell the jasmines that bloom on the island and stop in one of the many cafes. In Aegina you will enjoy the wonderful local culture of vegetable, fruit and fresh fish markets.

Moni Island:

In a short boat ride of 10-15 minutes, you will reach the rocky island of Moni where you can swim in the secluded beaches surrounded by a beautiful turquoise sea, overlooking the wild landscape of the island. At this stopping point you can enjoy the variety of drinks, snacks and fresh fruit that the deck offers and also take a short walk in the pine forest. For those interested, on the island you can find a beach bar where you can rest after spending time in Aegina and swimming.

The village of Perdika:

Five minutes by boat from the island of Moni and you will reach the village of Perdika on the island of Aegina, known for its excellent tavernas where you can enjoy an authentic Greek meal and of course fresh fish.

Important tips:

  • The cruise takes place with a minimum of eight people.
  • Prices vary depending on the type of yacht and the number of guests.
  • There is a possibility of a sunset cruise for those who prefer to be impressed by the magnificent view of the Riviera in the afternoon – evening.

Additional services:

  • Fresh and pickled fruit
  • Cold drinks (cocktails, water, juices)
  • Wireless internet access
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Beach towels
  • The captain speaks English

Separate paid services:

  • Seabob for rent
  • brunch on board
  • alcoholic beverage
  • Premium spirits (malt/champagne)

Reservation phone number for Greece: 211-8508005 for Cyprus: 22008326

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