A day trip to Athens that combines shopping at the great discount village of McArthurGlen

Day trip Athens – Glyfada – Varkiza – Lake Vouliagmeni

A day trip for those who aspire to taste a bit of nature outside of Athens, a short drive away. The trip combines three main locations and at the end the travelers will visit the large and magnificent shopping center “McArthurGlen”. The trip duration is about 6-7 hours.


Glyfada is a suburb of Athens and is actually the southernmost neighborhood of Athens and the only one located on the beach. In addition, Glyfada has enough marinas for the yachts of all the rich Greeks. Glyfada is home to some of Athens’ most well-known clubs and bars and has a wide variety of taverns and nightlife options. The high streets are lined with high-end shops. Hotels in the Glyfada area have a high tourist rating and this is the reason why many tourists choose this area as a holiday destination in Greece.


Varkiza is a suburb of the city of Athens and is located in the southern part. Just 22 km from the city center, you will find views of the mountains of Ymittos to the northwest and taverns, entertainment venues and other services.

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, is a hidden treasure of Attica’s nature. It is located just a few kilometers from the city center. This rare geological phenomenon is included in the Greek national NATURA 2000 network. Its current spectacular form was probably created in the Hellenistic years. The hypothesis is that a huge volume of hot water running into the cave eroded the walls and caused the ceiling to collapse and sink, giving the lake its current name – Bouliagmeni from the Greek word “vouliazo” which means “to sink”. Lake Vouliagmeni is included in the official list of natural Greek thermal baths. Its brackish water, rich in salts and minerals, has a temperature between 22 and 29 degrees all year round. The lake and hot springs offer a natural and unique thermal spa experience. Swimming in the lake is a holistic experience, which stimulates the body’s energy and contributes to the balance of health. The healing properties of the natural springs are the reason for the unique composition and high temperatures. The lakeside restaurant invites all guests to a delightful culinary experience from morning until late at night. The area around the lake is equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas for relaxation and quality of life. The lake also provides rescue and medical services, parking, playground, Wi-Fi, lockers, changing rooms, showers, access for people with disabilities.

McArthurGlen Mall

One of the largest shopping centers in Athens. The abundance of products available in the complex is huge: clothing, fashion, children’s products, women’s and men’s. A pampering shopping experience under one roof.

For those who sign up for the day trip, a special benefit: a discount of up to 20% in the various shops of the complex. Pre-registration through our representative required. The discount voucher will be available for collection on the day of travel.

Price list

Number of participants price per person (euro)
4-6 45
6-8 40
8-10 35
11-20 25

Reservation phone number for Greece: 211-8508005 for Cyprus: 22008326

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