Konstantinos Argyros: historic and sold out tour in USA & Canada

Another great conquest was added to his assets by Konstantinos Argyros through his sold out tour in the USA and Canada, which was attended by tens of thousands of spectators and made history.

The phenomenal artist with consecutive no1 hits was in New York, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Los Angeles in a tour of high standards and special aesthetics, co-produced by Panik Live, with every concert being sold out.

With his dozens of personal hits and his powerful performances, Konstantinos Argyros made tens of thousands of people experience unforgettable moments full of the “aroma” of Greece and made Greek music to be heard loudly on the other side of the Atlantic. In fact, his concerts have been attended by famous Americans such as Kevin Undergaro and Sasha Banks.

At the same time, history was made through the tour, as Konstantinos Argyros became the first Greek artist to sing at the legendary Barclays Center in New York, an iconic venue that occasionally hosts the biggest names in world music. He also appeared at the internationally renowned Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, where, among other things, the Academy Awards are held.

Now, Konstantinos Argyros, who recently released his new hit “Mia Thessaloniki by Panik Platinum, is preparing for his live performances at “Pili Axios“, in Thessaloniki, from Friday, December 8th and every Friday and Saturday.

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