“Women of the Mediterranean” by Evanthia Reboutsika is staged at the Athens College Theatre

Women of the Mediterranean“, the project signed by Evanthia Reboutsika, after the huge success at the Herodeion, is being staged for two nights at the Athens College Theatre.

Evanthia‘s beloved sounds and melodies are not only limited to the Aegean, Pontus and Asia Minor, but they can be heard all over the Mediterranean! In a captivating way, which combines the wonderful music of the creator with the sounds and the female sensibilities of the entire Mediterranean basin.

Our award-winning composer and musician Evanthia Reboutsika with her sublime musical ensemble, welcome four wonderful voices, the great Mor Karbasi in Hebrew, the incomparable Gülseven Medar in Turkish, the excellent Mira Wagih in Arabic and the talented Greek singer Dimitra Selemidou and present together an impressive and always traveling program based on her own music and songs.

The songs that will be performed have been written in five different languages by great and renowned lyricists such as: Aris Davarakis, Rabbi Gabriel Negrin, Agathi Dimitrouka, Cagan Irmak, Yannis Melachronoudis, & Dilek Koc.

On Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November, the Athens College Theatre hosts the musical performance “Women of the Mediterranean“!

Mor Karbasi
Mor Karbasi was born in Jerusalem to a mother of Moroccan descent and a father of Persian origin.
It combines traditional Persian and Mediterranean music with modern influences. Her songs often talk about love, loss and the search for identity. Her Sephardic origin is the starting point from which she begins a journey, vocally and musically creating her own unique style and sound.

Mira Wagih
Mira Wagih was born in Cairo. She is known for her expressive voice and her emotional lyrics. Her music is a mixture of Arabic traditional music and modern pop music.

Gülseven Medar
Gülseven Medar was born in Turkey. She is a shepherdess who sings traditional Anatolian and Mesopotamian songs in various languages of the region. Mainly Kurdish, Turkish as well as Armenian, Arabic and Jewish traditional songs.
He has participated in many international ethnic music festivals and has coexisted on stage with artists of different genres.

Dimitra Selemidou
Dimitra Selemidou was introduced on record with the album “Third Exit” with lyrics by Yannis Vassilopoulos and music by Spyros Paraskevakos.
He has collaborated with important Greek artists and has performed in concerts at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, the Athens Concert Hall and the “Olympia” theatre, He has performed with the “Camerata” – Orchestra of the Friends of Music, the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens, the Contemporary Music Orchestra of ERT, the “Manos Hadjidakis” Music Ensemble and the “Philharmonia” Orchestra of Athens.

Invitation of artists: Peace Courage

Evanthia Reboutsika presents “Women of the Mediterranean”
Friday 24 & Saturday 25 November – Start time: 21:00
Athens College Theatre

Ticket prices:
Distinguished Zone: 60€
Zone A: 50€
Zone B: 40€
Zone C: 30€

Link pre-sale: https://www.more.com/music/euanthia-rempoutsika-fones-tis-mesogeiou-ka/

Tickets are sold in advance

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